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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Catching up - crap mice and all that

Seems I've been absent for a while. Had a briliant time at the festival of the lights thing near Bridgewater. The kids just loved it - very loud, very bright and very late.

Also extrememly wet weekend, but fortunately it stayed dry for the two hours of the carnival so that was special. Go back and had to pour several gallons of water off my Mom's awning and pondered the need for heavy lifting equipment to get the vans out of the mud...

Am going to have to watch my language though. I was making lunch earlier, talking to JAmes in the kitchen, and this voice fromthe dining room demands to know what's for lunch.

Pasta, I says.
Don't like pasta, says Myf. I want sausages.
Where doesn't she like the decent stuff? I ask James. Why is it always the crap stuff?
Are sausages crap then Mom? comes the voice from the dining room.

At least they weren't bloody crap, I suppose.

And we've got mice in the garage. Clearing out boxes, moving things around to put the chest freezer in there, and we're finding little holes and mouse droppings in all the boxes. The got into my craft box and made nests in the 2 kilos of angora goat wool I had in there ready to spin one day. Had to bin the lot. :( At one point, I pulled out a round hat box tpe thing full of wool, lifted the lid and there was one sat in there looking up at me. Not sure who was the more surprised! lol. It scarpered and I just stood there laughing. It was quite cute, actually. But very smelly.

So James went out to buy mousetraps at the local hardware store. They only had the snap'em kind, the quick-release-without-touching plastic ones, so he bought a twin pack.

And we've already caught two of the little buggers!


Blogger Jax Blunt said...

trap worked well here, but wasn't as efficient as the cat...

11:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yuk to the mice! couldn't you wash the fleece or use it for extra warmth for winter for hte piggies? We have traps all round the house just in case any more fancy a visit.... (must remember to move them if we let critters out!!)

8:21 pm  

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